To Those Who Dare

Those who dare to fail miserably, can achieve greatly. - JFK

It was a line I've read a hundred times, but happened to cross again in waiting to hand my resignation letter over. I repeated it as I contemplated only a hundred scenarios that could fall into place. I just wanted to be happy, and I couldn't seem to understand why happiness these days seemed like such an unattainable concept.

Disconnecting was out of the norm, and free falling was unheard of. I was jumping from the proverbial window ledge, with no bed sheets tied to a foundation that I hadn't already had a hand in demolishing. Leaping now seemed to be just an idea of having something to grasp, hope. While my independent streak burned deep, this move would truly set me on my own.

Nobody understood why I was really doing it, and even less approved. I was sitting in a room so familiar about to give a foolish dream a voice. Humanizing my aspirations to those who would openly doubt my ability. But it didn't matter. None of it mattered, in fact, in the grand scheme of things I didn't matter. I was just a person, filling a position, that had been filled prior and would be filled again. The great accomplishments made would just skim the surface of what I could be elsewhere or on my own. The cube farm of an office would no longer constrict the creativity I found refuge in. And with a simple piece of paper and countless hours it all came to an end.

Then just as quickly a new beginning sprang to life, the one I had been pushing aside for years bloomed into the true start of Kae Atelier - no security to it's back, a diminished net leaving only a fine line below, and the unknown that lie ahead.

If I didn't tell you I was scared, I'd be lying right through these words. The anxiety, fear and optimism all reside in my finger tips with every new decision I'm faced with. When asked years from now what it was like to take the big leap this post will continue to live in the truth this new foundation Kae Atelier will take and grow from, a testament that you were never alone in your decisions, and never will be.