What's in the Bag?

I actually had a friend ask why I carry a bag. Their words were along the lines of "Aren't you a designer, shouldn't you just need a laptop"? Like most my non-creative friends, even after a lengthy explanation... they still didn't understand.

1. Dakine Bag - My current bag is great for traveling with a padded laptop pocket, and built-in sleeve to slide over your luggage handle at the airport. I've always carried Dakine. I even still have my backpack from high school which looks brand new! Dakine bags wear well and have every style you can think of from lifestyle bags to hiking packs.

2. Lenovo Laptop - I had a quarter(ish) life crisis and purchased this baby last year (which I'm still paying for). Surprisingly I really only use it at my coffee shop bloggin' days, and the occasion client meeting look-up.

I'd like this to go on record as a millennial - desktop workdays and pen & paper to-do's are my forever love.

3. Notebook - I've been doing this 30 minutes 30 days writing challenge, so a notebook gifted to me by a friend has been a new addition. The front says Make Things Happen - and that I do.

4. Simplified Planner - This was my birthday present to myself this year. I met Emily Ley at the Make It Happen intensive this year and seriously, you can not meet a more genuine human being. I love everything she stands for, and decided to invest in the new 2016 addition. It has deemed a forever home in my bag, already finding it's place with a few projects lined up for next year!

5. Paper Mate Flair (Tropical Vacation edition) - On sale at Meijers, I grabbed these as an impulse purchase. I LOVE THEM. They don't bleed and the Flair style has a couple different colors perfect for my new planner and optimal note taking. Since summer is slipping away, I opted for the Tropical Vacation edition.

6. Miscellaneous - Other items that managed to stay in my bag during the spill, but are just as important included: business cards, chapstick, gum, laptop charger, notepad, various "borrowed" pens from local establishments, gum wrappers, Kashi Crunchy Granola & Seed Bar (chocolate chip chia) and a few disordered papers from various meetings.

7. Starbucks - not carried in the bag, but often with the bag. If you want to take the fast track to my heart a simple caramel latte will do.

What's in your bag?