Collab & Create

"I just want to make things that look cool and make people happy."

Isn't that what everyone wants?, I thought.

Turns out not so much. There are some people that are in it for the fame, the money, the power. But we're really not. We're here to make a simple living, creating the things that no longer have the room to grow inside us. We create because that's all we really know how to do. And that feeling that it gives, the feeling of wholeness, well, we want you to feel that too.

The opening sentence is what the Founder of Wiley Concepts tells me at least twice a week. After helping him with some designs, the business name and marketing we realized this company couldn't be the little furniture home decor business it is without both of us. And now as Co-Founder I wouldn't see it any other way. It's the kind of collaboration, that I had been looking for when starting Kae Atelier. Maybe not quite so intense, but it's a partnership that started the Kae Collective - a page devoted tocollaborating with other creatives, who together form a greater whole.

Now we're looking for other creatives who want to collaborate & create! So whether your an interior designer looking for a unique client piece, or a calligrapher looking to share your talent across new material - email us, Facebook stalk us or follow our Instagram. We're a growing company and we want to connect!

Disclaimer: Just for clarification we are not looking to invest or co-found another company, we rather collaborate on a new project, cross promote, and create with you as a collective. ;)