Three Tips for Designing with Squarespace

The website finally received the update it deserved last week and with it came several inquires about the platform I was using and how I customized it to fit the Kae Atelier brand. So per your requests, I put together three tips that helped me launch my website, while designing with Squarespace!

Look at the box, then flip it on it's side.

You don't necessarily have to "think outside the box", in fact that's kind of the point when working with a content management system - especially one that values good design aesthetics.

Think of a template as just the starting point for your website, the foundation. Flip through the demo sites not for whole templates but for specific elements of a template that work together. For instance, I liked the layout of primary navigation, scrolling headers and blog format making Alex my template of choice.  With a quick one click installation, I start laying out the pages I knew my website was going to have: home, about, services, and blog. Obviously after a whole lot of coffee and endless rearranging (which is a breeze thanks to Squarespace's drag and drop feature) I narrowed it down to three pages Home, The Story & Blog.

 Kae Atelier Inspiration

Kae Atelier Inspiration


Seriously. Look at your at your inspiration board and find yourself in the details, then think of how to creatively apply them to your website. For the Kae Atelier brand Authentic and Fearless were two words that were a must and are featured on the home page. Triangle shapes were incorporated in the footer elements and in custom home page graphics. My color scheme was applied to match other branding elements (like business cards, client gifts etc.). Now you may be thinking my inspiration board is a little more colorful and "messy", but I still found it helped me reiterate aspects of my brand in a website format, keeping to the the minimalist yet reputable definition that is Kae Atelier.

Don't Try to Reinvent the Basics

While I'm all for pushing the creative bounds, keeping your site easy to navigate and legible are two items that should always be a priority. So in the words of a past teacher and drivers ed coach, "keep it simple, stupid". Align text and images so they don't clash, keep your font styles to a minimum, and present items in a fluid manner. All those 101 graphic design classes or even high school art apply here. Follow the basic rules and your readers will thank you!

So that's it...flip the box, step back and stick to the basics. Your natural gravitation towards design, common sense, and the ease of Squarespace will have your site up and looking preferential to your brand in no time!