Grace Not Perfection

One of my goals for 2015 was to blog three times a week. As you can see my last blog post was about a month ago...not the best start to a new year. I sincerely had the best intentions to fill your minds with wisdom and your heart with inspiration, until now.


At a loss for words I came across a quote - "The dark is just a canvas for your grace and brightness". How a simple line can resonate so deeply. I often lose myself in work by habit and when I begin to fall into the darkness I realized I'm allowing myself the opportunity for grace.

It's hard to accept as a self-critic, guilt inducing semi-perfectionist. I am harder on myself than any one person can truly comprehend. It's the self-motivator in me that kicks in, the discipline I need to function and in those moment's I'm often the brightness.

So in time I'm working towards a better balance which always ends in grace not perfection. A hard concept to master, but one that's always fulfilling. Do you give grace or are you always striving for perfection in the balance?