Living vs. Life

If you're looking for a new blog to follow I'd recommend Penelope Trunk. While I've been following her blog for the past few months now it wasn't until a recent post that I really started to appreciate her writing style. It's a dangerous mix of wit, sarcasm and the truth - something I aspire to portray in my own writings. Anyways, this post of hers was an interview in which she was asked "When you think about making a living and making a life, what comes to mind?"

My first thought was what's the difference? Her response a little different, but none the less great. The question stuck with me and after thinking how an answer could even come to exist, I found it in my typical Midwest January  routine.

After breaking the ice sealed doors on my car thanks to the fresh lake effect, I sat in the frigid air allowing the car to heat before venturing out. This morning the snow was falling slowly almost floating down in a sway from side to side before plummeting to its fate. It was in that very moment that I felt totally at peace.

It's something that doesn't happen very often, especially when you're sitting in freezing temps with a lack of caffeine and the clock pressing that morning rush. But it's that moment where your mind stops so you can appreciate things for what they are and just be still.

While making a living can be difficult, and I'll tell you first hand the down and dirty struggle of it, it's those experiences that make a life. The fact that I don't separate the two, brings honesty into my work and more love into my home.

So while it can be hard in our busy schedules working to accomplish new year goals, and replenishing our bank accounts after the holiday hubbub I encourage you to be still. It's in the brevity of those moments where you'll find if you're making a living, or making a life. What are you making?