The Start of a New Year!

The 2014 recap posts have hit, and the 2015 goal posts will ensue. I've been reading a few blogs so eloquently written as they share highs, lows and hopes for the future. I tried to reflect on my own year but have so many experiences and memories (good and bad) that I froze in attempting to write them down. Not to mention trying to organize them in any sort of chronological order that might enlighten you as a reader. So instead I'll leave you with a brief statement. 2014 was a pivotal year. I grew tremendously as an entrepreneur, mentor and most importantly as an individual. 2014 made me realize who I want to surround myself with, and how it's impacting who I become. It took some hard times and serious reflection but I can not only see, but feel the transformation in the person that started the year off, to who is typing this very post... So to continue on a path of intention, I'm sharing my 2015 goals along with their purpose in hopes of staring off the New Year right! 


Blog 3x A Week
Why? Because I watched a Netflix movie (that for the life of me can't remember the title of) that said "A writer is the sum of their experiences. Go get some." and it made perfect sense.

Read At Least 1 Book A Month
Why? I firmly believe books drive a greater understanding of the world around us and bring a level of creativity bound by nothing else. And now I'm vowing to make the time to embrace just that. 

Fear Less & Give More
Why? Fear is paralyzing and counter productive so I've decided to give it a place, and start giving more to create a stronger community to grow in.

Complete a Contentment Challenge
Why? To live a more simplified life. The challenge itself is undecided, stay tuned to see what I finally decided on!

Why? To produce more ridiculously awesome work with new businesses and like-minded creatives.

Attend A Workshop
Why? What better way to meet other creatives! Being social does not come easy and attending the workshops and conferences I was fortunate enough to be a part of this year really pushed my comfort zone. Not only did it challenge me as an individual to embrace others and share my experience but it made me realize I'm not in this alone. So in pursuit of collaboration and building a community I want to continue to push the bounds in 2015!

Finish Calligraphy Lessons
Why? Well really, why not? I bought some lessons, and just need to dedicate the time to finish them. With it comes the hope of actually being good enough to launch a new branch of the brand and start selling some prints and services.

Complete Office Remodel
Why? I need a complete space to produce complete work. Or at least that's how it works in my mind.

Be Healthy. Live Well.
Why? I'm tired of setting goals in increments of pounds. It seems to be a habit induced by society when really I just want to feel good and live long.

Send At Least One Hand Write Note A Month
Why? I received a letter a couple days ago that I had written to myself at the Making Things Happen Conference. I kid you not I opened and read it not realizing it was from me. I guess I was so taken back by the words that I didn't recognize the handwriting. I was in a deep place then and it lead me to realize if I can inspire myself to be better and push to greater heights, why don't I do that for others? Or attempt to anyways…

Now a lot of my goals start with words like "complete", "finish", "be" or are challenging me to take action and "do". So now as I stare at this looming list and think of all those who are facing something similar I want to encourage you (and reassure myself) that we can do this! There are a lot of days ahead of us, but to make things happen, you just have to start with where you are.