Patch Design

Out of the goodness of my heart, and the tiny thrill I get out of a challenge, I recently took on designing a motorcycle patch. I've accomplished a fair amount of vector work, but a patch requires more attention to detail and the essence of a non-forgiving grunge only a biker would understand. Now, I grew up riding motorcycles with my dad so I'm familiar with the culture and felt I could make something of the request. The guidelines or "must haves" were simple. The patch had to have a spittoon, maybe a welding torch and hammer and say Spit Shine Kustoms (with a K).

Easy. Not only did my childhood expose me to motorcycle clubs, but also to a collection of spittoons my grandmother keeps in her kitchen on display as art, and the blue collar welding technique used down on the farm.

Over the course of a couple full days I found myself with three full patches layouts, a variety of hand drawn vector graphics equaling endless hours in illustrator, and not nearly enough indie blues for inspiration, but I had finally created “the one”.

I'm not one to boast unfinished work, so when I finally prepared myself to hand over what I considered to be complete, I was pleasantly overwhelmed in the response I received. There’s no better feeling than to give your work to someone and watch them absorb it. Not look at it and say “great job” but to revel in the design. Then the icing on the cake is to watch them repeatedly converse about it with others, careful to adapt your wording. Design isn’t just about beauty, it’s about the knowledge you share and the communication you cultivate. I found myself, the outsider, captivated from their tones to their expressions and that’s when I began to lose myself in my own satisfaction of another job well done.

If as a creative you haven’t experience that yet, you're simply not doing it right.

And can I tell you receiving a picture of the patch going through the sew out process only intensifies that feeling. Now we wait. The real deal is being embroidered and soon a full back patch will be sewn to a collection of riding leather.

For updates on the complete piece soon to be revealed follow me on twitter @kendrigins

Kendra Higgins
The freedom of your senses taking on a different significance.