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The Bloom Workshop - Rockford, MI

First of all stepping into the Blu Hydranga Barn was in itself inspiring. Tall wooden beams wrapped with lights while large chandeliers and decorations laced the ceilings. Assigned tables were neatly organized as women greeted each other buzzing with caffeine and excitement for what the day had in store.

There's something about being surrounded by driven creatives, mounds of inspiration, and oh so thoughtful swag that puts your mind into overdrive. While possibilities run endless, to hear you're not alone in the day to day struggle is the most reaffirming thing about the workshop. Throughout the day stories were shared as connections were made between such a variety of ladies from stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, new bloggers, and seasoned veterans all uniting for the better of the group.

If there's anything to take away from the workshop it's that - Community Cultivates.

 The Bloom Workshop Swag Bag & Goodies! 

The Bloom Workshop Swag Bag & Goodies! 

The hosts and co-founders of Bloom had quite the agenda in line. Casual as all day, hilarious in their own sense, and outright empowering as they moved through topics of blogging, social media, photography and styling.

A small book could be written about the experience as a whole, but if there were three things to take away from the workshop it would be:


  1. When you write for the internet you write for everyone. Sometimes you lose sight of the fact that words are a powerful tool. They connect people, evoke emotion, and ultimately convey best your purpose. Don't forget how powerful you are.
  2. Define yourself, then do you. I've found myself idolizing others instead of focusing on who I am and where I want to be. I've decided to embrace myself, and share the best parts of me and my story with the world.
  3. People won't say yes to an idea without a good concept to follow. While understated in the workshop, it was said, and it's something I've recently learned in my day to day life. Seriously once you harness the power there's no stopping you or your grand idears.
 The Bloom Workshop Q&A Panel

The Bloom Workshop Q&A Panel

 The Bloom Workshop Photo Shoot Florals

The Bloom Workshop Photo Shoot Florals

With a to-do list that's already running short of paper, another DIY on the verge and new clients popping up out of the blue this workshop couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Re-energized and working towards some new and more complex goals for myself, stay on the watch for some new and drastic changes to the brand.

And seriously, thanks to Michaela and Ashley for a well done workshop and to all the attendees brave enough to share your stories and take the next step. Check out The Bloom Workshop on Facebook for details on their next workshop!


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