Own Experience

You are responsible for your own experience.

I've been struggling lately. Not with writers block, creative congestion, or any emotional catastrophe. My mind will not stop. I have new ideas everyday continuously flowing from a place I forgot existed. This seems ridiculous, I know. But I've come to the conclusion that I've been dragged down by routine for so long that I finally had to step off into a new direction to avoid suffocating. That direction has landed me here.

I have new ideas for dinner recipes, blog posts, creative graphics, interior design projects; I even have ideas for people who didn't even ask for them. Encouraging new business ventures, brainstorming coaster concepts, writing articles for a magazine completely created by yours truly. Now this isn't really a "problem" of sorts but from it spurs a dilemma. Time, and confidence.

Time is self-explanatory. Multi-tasking is no longer a concept it's an extension of who I am.

Confidence however, is a much sought after notion that I've found to be a common battle amongst creatives. While frantically crossing websites trying to tame my ideas or cement them into something real I ran across this article. Every point made seemed to speak to me in some way but the line "you are responsible for your own experience" really hit home this week. Others will doubt you, you'll doubt yourself but in the end you're the game changer. So here I go, doing anything I want to do, simply because I can and need to.

I'm going to encourage you to step off. Find yourself again and begin a new experience. Make something for yourself. Be amazing.

Now if I can just funnel this creative mentality into something productive..


Kendra Higgins
Taking back responsibility for her own experience.