It's Monday...Again.

It's Monday evening and I'm still working. Even when I'm not at work, which for the record I am, I feel like I'm constantly working; and all I have to show for myself at the moment is a blank stare, at this white box, which seems to have me chanting "It's Monday" over and over again mindlessly in my head. My first blog post, on my brand new portfolio site. I could introduce myself, show you my latest project, or take you on some mind boggling trail of inspiration as a creative.

But I'm not.

Instead I'm going to lace my first post with grammatical errors to show you I'm human. I'm going to advise you that it's Monday, which typically occurs 51-53 times a year - there's something to look forward too. Then I'm going to end this post with the hopes that you'll forgive my Monday blues and you'll find my rant interesting enough to check back for a formal introduction, my latest project or my attempt at a little inspiration.

Kendra Higgins
Looking forward to Tuesday.

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