Make Things Happen

MTH Recap: Chapel Hill, NC October 2014

I'll be honest. I started writing this post exactly four weeks ago in North Carolina. I was sitting outside a Starbucks trying to soak up the warm rays before hitting the plane back to Michigan. It's taken me quite a while to write the recap post for the Making Things Happen Intensive. Words simply weren't forming and I realized I needed to stop and let it resonate with my heart, body and mind before attempting to express my experience. Most of those who have tried to define MTH don't give it enough credit and to avoid the mistaken category all I can really tell you is to attend, and share what I left with...

Walking into the room not only was I surrounded by like-minded creatives but truly strong women and even stronger men (who took on two days in a room exploding of estrogen - seriously I commend you). The first day is a reflection of yourself giving you nowhere to run and only your own fears to face. Initially I felt selfish for attending as these women had gone through monumental hardships, and here I sat 22, single, no kids, and nothing but opportunity ahead of me. I listened to their stories, struggles, joys and sat paralyzed in thought.

As individuals dug deep into their being, the speakers encouraged self-exploration with no answers given and no pity had. I'd like to say for most of these women it was the simple fact that someone, anyone, was intentionally listening and that in itself had an incredible healing power. I watched these strong, purposeful women stand palms up and with each conviction of theirs I looked deeper at myself. Rhi from Hey Gorgeous Events looked at me and said "ah the strong silent one" and it was true. While on paper it'd seems as though I have it made, I felt empty and it'd be hard for you to notice a thing. It took the tools of MTH and a little self-reflection to not only find myself, but my heart again.

If I told you I didn't consider leaving after a truly draining day one, I'd be lying; but I was tired of running, and knew I was there for a reason. From facing fears, turning down the toxicity in your life, ridding distractions, saying no, then to saying yes, you soon begin to not only find yourself but embrace yourself. And that my dear friends is the beginning to anything great, from being a wife and mother to a successful business owner.

While I made some huge life altering changes before the conference, it was only after MTH that I started making small changes full of heart. And with those changes it has led me to encourage you to relish the little things, slow down a bit and dig deep because there is no intent in living on the surface. Moments are fleeting, so embrace your feelings and always give yourself grace. You're not going to be perfect at this thing called life, but as they say it's not about perfection, it's about purpose. (:


Special thanks to the 2014 speakers Lara Casey, Emily Ley, Gina Zeidler, Amber Housley, Rhiannon Bosse, Nancy & Will Ray and the rest of the MTH crew. I will forever carry your wise words and engaging actions as an official MTH Alum.