Honesty Hour

Disclaimer: This is a really raw post that was inspired this morning. Please read it for what it's meant to be and not for spelling and grammar. (:

My Monday morning started with a podcast interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert (author of newly released Big Magic), and Hannah Brencher's weekly newsletter - I encourage you all to start your week off in this order!

Today it forced me to finish this blog post that's been sitting, waiting for the right kind of attention. It was something about HB's newsletter that resonated deep with my struggle, making my oblivious journey now very transparent.

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Collab & Create

I just want to make things that look cool and make people happy."

Isn't that what everyone wants?, I thought.

Turns out not so much. There are some people that are in it for the fame, the money, the power. But we're really not. We're here to make a simple living, creating the things that no longer have the room to grow inside us. We create because that's all we really know how to do. And that feeling that it gives, the feeling of wholeness, well, we want you to feel that too.

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A Vintage Tune

You might recognize the names as she's involved in community events including Walk the Beat happening this weekend (seriously, check this event out if you're in the Grand Haven area)! Her soon to be husband Jack, is a local musician who often treats me to the sweet sounds of Tom Petty. So when asked to help out with their Wedding Invitiations, I was excited to be a small part of their big day.

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